What an idea!

Saving money is critical to me, and I have to keep an eye on every dollar spent.. Rising energy bills have forced me to be more conservative with my temperature control settings.  Nights in my part of the country can get pretty cold, sometimes near or below freezing, and on these nights I rarely operate the oil furnace. Instead, bundling up in more clothes is my way of keeping warm. Despite this, my house is cold all the time and I’m very uncomfortable. I think I knew from the outset that there had to be something wrong with the oil furnace, and when I finally decided to call in a professional HVAC service I found out that I was right. According to the service man, all the components of my oil furnace were working properly, and, surprisingly, the dust buildup was minimal. But when he checked the ductwork, that’s where he located my problem. There were leaks and holes all over the place, and these leaks were allowing heated air to escape, making the operation of the furnace inefficient.  In order to keep up with demand for warm air, it was forced to work overtime. A ton of money and energy was being spent on keeping the little used areas (basement and attic) warm, while the rest of the house was freezing. I was not happy about hiring the Heating & Air Conditioning corporation to seal the duct system. I assumed this process would be lengthy, costly & messy, however I had no other option. The corporation first covered all of the return & supply vents, then blew pressurized air into the duct system. The pressurized air contained adhesive parts, & as those parts escaped through leaks & holes, they built up along the edges. This process managed to effectively seal the holes from the inside, without damaging my home or disrupting my life. The job was a quick one, taking just a little over a minute, and the difference it made in the performance of my furnace was striking.  I can now keep a sufficient temperature in our home without paying a fortune in energy bills.

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