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Whenever I went to switch on my central cooling proposal the other morning for the first time this year, tragedy struck without warning, my cooling proposal was not working correctly.  On this honestly same exact morning I received a flyer in the mail for this new heating plus cooling supplier opening in town. They were running an advertisement for a special discount for new purchasers on any service they offered.  I am all for a fine deal! So instead of calling my respected trustworth Heating plus Air Conditioning professional as usual, I decided to call this new dealer. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional first arrived at the apartment she was polite, but she also acted as though this is the last arena she wanted to be.  She went straight working and was carefully inspecting my cooling system. When an hour had gone by plus she was still working on the thing I thought this was a little odd however decided she must just be trying to be thorough with her work. Another hour went by plus I decided this was taking too long so finally I went to go check on the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional plus I found her just resting next to my Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal talking on the iphone like she was at home plus it did not sound care about it was a labor call, it was easily a personal call from her use of the word “baby”.  She didn’t even seem slightly phased when I caught her talking on the iphone while she was supposed to be fixing my entire cooling system. When she finally got herself off the iphone she told myself and others what was wrong with my central cooling proposal plus that it was an simple fix. Too bad it took so long for her to get started!

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