What I can do about the a/c

I believe that the best part of renting an apartment is getting the landlord to take on all the work for you. When I paid rent, I called the front office for every tiny thing that went wrong or needed fixing. Why should I do anything since it wasn’t entirely my own place was it? It is easily no surprise that landlords didn’t like me much. Close to a year ago I finally got my own residence, so I no longer can rely on the landlord to help me out any longer. If something breaks, it falls on me to take care of the problem. It totally stinks because I never actually learned how to repair anything! The first time our A/C stopped working here, I panicked and called a local HVAC corporation for an inspection. The HVAC tech told me with a chuckle that the only concern I had was basically a clogged up air filter. She then proceeded to show me how to change out the air filter for an up-to-date one, and the A/C started up again without any issues in the least. I felt rather foolish for not knowing even the most basic aspects of maintaining an HVAC machine. I provided that HVAC tech an extra fifty bucks to hang out for an hour and to show me a few basics. She ended up charging me about $110 for the hour, even though I was able to learn plenty about our A/C and our oil furnace… Now I have a rather firm grasp on our smart thermostat, and know enough about all of our HVAC equipment.

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