Winter ball and poor HVAC settings

A few months ago my husband Richard and I went to the Wintertime Ball held at the convention center downtown. This was an annual event with the proceeds going to three local charities. Winter had been kind to us, with unusually mild weather and no snow.. This was not the norm, as typically Winter brings a good deal of snow and single digit temperatures. So Richard and I put on our most extravagant clothes and headed out to meet some friends at the Wintertime Ball.  When we arrived we gawked at the stunning and beautiful decorations. The organizers had clearly spent a great deal of time and money to make the convention center look like a Wintertime wonderland. We noticed that the whole place was somewhat drafty when we arrived. I clearly felt cool air coming from the air ducts as if the a/c was turned on. We sat down at our assigned table and ordered some drinks, and about this time the band started to play and some people started to dance. My wife mentioned the chill in the air, so I suggested we get up and dance to warm up. And it did the trick. More and more people started to dance and as the say the dance floor was on fire!  The whole place quickly warmed up just from the body heat of 5,000 dancers. It occured to me that the people organizing the event knew this would happen and planned accordingly to not make the place too hot later in the night. It is safe to say that a fantastic time was had by all!

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