Winter is dragging

To me, there’s nothing that can even begin to compare to the delight of eating a good steak that has been cooked over an open fire. I suppose that for some people it’s much easier plus even faster to just cook using the oven or stove, but personally, the flame gives food a distinct flavor that I really enjoy even more than the meat. A couple of times a year, I have a dinner celebration where I invite all of our best friends over to cook this way. Last weekend was when every one of us finally did it most recently, plus it sure was a chilly night for us to choose! As every one of us gathered around the firepit, at first everyone was eager to get the steaks cooked because it was so cold. After a couple of minutes, however, I noticed that numerous of our friends had disappeared plus headed right back towards the inside so that they could soak in the sizzling air of the modern furnace. The couple of people who stuck it out with myself and others were real tough guys and verified troopers. By the end, every one of us rushed inside to eat plus get a fire up and going in the fireplace. While every one of us could have just stuck right to using the heater, there’s something really superb about actually sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold night. It warms the bones plus creates a far more nice atmosphere to spend time with friends. The night ended up being great! The many people I was with and I enjoyed our steaks, plus then I drank some tasty wine while sitting around the fireplace.

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