Working on the indoor air quality

I’m trying my best to become an internet fitness guru these days, but immense adversity keeps holding me back from achieving my dreams. You see, I can’t find a place to workout to save my life. Right now I belong to a local gym in our section that is known for having a single of the best rated fitness programs around. I used to see a single of the personal trainers for a while when I first started, however I’ve gotten pretty confident on our own since then, so at this point in time I mostly go alone whenever I have time. They usually have the entire central temperature set on the cold side there, plus to be honest it’s too much, during the warm season especially. The cooling system seems to always be fully blasting on high when I walk in. I am not a fan of cooling system to begin with, so you can imagine that having that much of it hit me in the face as soon as I enter the building each morning is a bit of a turn off. Despite that, I do still like the gym overall, however I’ve decided to only be a member there during our regional cold months. In the warm season I can do things outdoors to keep myself in excellent working shape plus then spend the money for a membership in the Winter times. The heating plan isn’t great in the gym, however at least it’s warmer at that point inside than outside! If they would just relax on the cooling system during the long and sizzling months, I definitely would go year round. They missing out on my membership money, spending too much on energy, and losing customers!

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