A heater service plan is what we need

Get your haircut is always an adventure when you go to one of those places in the mall. I have a regular barber who works out of a shop he built in his basement, but he has unfortunately been quite ill as of late and has taken a leave from running his business. I really hope he beats his illness not just because he is a great barber, but also because he is a wonderful human being and deserves as much life as he can get. Unfortunately, my hair will not stop growing just because my barber is sick, so I am left with having to go to one of those mall barber shops to get a trim. The last one I went to is the exact reason I do not like going to those places. Everything was fine while I was in the waiting area but as soon as I sat in the barber’s chair I noticed it was incredibly cold. The vent for the air conditioner was directly overhead and blasting on high. I asked my barber if she could turn it down but she actually refused to. She said she would start sweating profusely if she did. It goes without saying that I was grossed out by the thought of the sweaty barber putting her gross sweat hands all over my head. I told her to turn up the air conditioning if it will ensure that she doesn’t start sweating on me. She got mad at me and refused to cut my hair. I felt like hitting her with an air conditioner.

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