A southern business

Recently, our air conditioning system wasn’t cooling properly, so I called our HVAC provider and requested a service call. It was extremely hot that day, and very uncomfortable. My son said that he couldn’t take the hot house anymore and would be leaving to go to the mall. I just chuckled and told him that he should be thankful that we have air conditioning, because when I was growing up we only had fans and a dehumidifier. When it got hot, my parents would have a block of ice delivered, and we’d blow the cool air around with fans. My son could not believe it. I explained to him that very few households had air conditioning, back in those days. It wasn’t until I got into high school that it became more common for people to own a residential, window cooling unit. After I was married, and moved down south to a warmer climate, I experienced living with central heating and cooling for the first time. I explained to my son how happy his father and I were, and how grateful we felt owning our first HVAC system. We didn’t have internet, WiFi, cell phones or remote access to thermostats. Thermostats were not programmable. We had to manually set our desired temperature, and we never wanted to set it too low, because the older units weren’t energy efficient. The energy bill would run sky high during the summer, if we weren’t careful. By this time, our HVAC technician came to check our system. The problem with our system was due to a faulty thermostat. My son asked if we could get a new SMART thermostat, because it’s cool and would save on energy costs. I agreed, and asked the HVAC technician to install one, immediately.

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