A week with no heating

Road trips across the United States are a lot of good times & a great method to experience odd states, see a wide variety of structures, & experience weather of all different sorts. For example, in one state in particular, you can feel the highest & lowest temperatures all in a single day. It’s amazing that in certain areas you can go snowshoeing in a single day & surfing the following one. All the odd weather patterns also means all kinds of natural phenomena just like hurricanes, tornadoes, rain storms, no water, & fires. Being from one area, such as the south, you can enjoy other parts of the country & cooler, drier weather elements. Other regions, just like the north, look forward to warming up & the snow going away. Because the weather & climate conditions vary extremely across the country, each space has varying heating & cooling needs. For instance, in the south, central heat & air is really & almost a necessity. Most homes have some type of air conditioning & heating to deal with the serious highs & lows in temperature. But in upper regions, you may not even have an air conditioning unit; & instead of central heating, you may have a big oil furnace or a boiler system to heat your lake house or smaller house. In some parts of the country, the nearby eating establishments & dealers have changed from central air to big individual room a/cs. They work real great to keep the rooms cool when you need them to but don’t require as much set up with them.

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