Air purification

My wife is a big sweet’s fanatic, and when I saw this new restaurant opening up inside the casino, I had to take her there.  There were several restaurant in the casino, and we had found one that was really good, even if it was a bit expensive. They even had an amazing chocolate tort that was to die for.  This new restaurant had a menu that was totally consumed with chocolate. They had chicken that was cooked with chocolate, and the dessert menu had me drooling. I couldn’t wait to try the chocolate martini.  When we got there, I was really upset, because of the amount of air conditioning that was blowing, and that was just in the waiting area. We sat out there for almost fifteen minutes, and we had reservation. I said something to the young lady at the bar, and she told us that it was important to keep the air conditioning low, in order to keep the chocolate from melting.  My wife was wearing a sleeveless dress and she was freezing. The bartender winked and said she could warm us up. She brought us both a chocolate martini and told us it was on the house. Two more martinis later, we were led to our table. We didn’t mind the air conditioning because we were already warmed from the inside. The food was spectacular and next time we come in, we will wear our sweaters to make up for the air conditioning in the restaurant.  Of course, we’ll still have to start the meal with the chocolate martinis.

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