Air quality is hard to control

Last weekend, me and my girlfriend took a trip to a nature reserve and it was awesome. There was this beautiful waterfall in the midst of the park. Tourists are even given a chance to ride in a helicopter over the waterfall to get that breathtaking aerial view. Me and my girlfriend decided we would go for it! As we began the helicopter ride I realized that there was no air conditioning in the chopper. It was pretty steaming up there too, so I was hoping I would make it through the trip. The pilot assured me at the ride was not all that long, and I should be fine. I must say that we got a beautiful bird’s-eye view of the waterfall and the surrounding rainforest. Even as I was enjoying it though, I was hoping it would end soon so that I could get a break from the heat and humidity. Finally, the ride was over. Later, as we left the park at dusk, we decided to check out a nearby restaurant that looked like it would be nice. And nice it was! First of all, the powerful A/C was fantastic, and cooled us off after a long hot day of exploring. The food was also great, and we just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves in the cool breeze of the air conditioning. We ordered ice cold drinks too, which the waiter made sure to top off whenever we were running low. I decided to give a generous tip as we left, since we had enjoyed ourselves so much and we would surely be coming back soon!

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