An awesome environment

I really like going to the beach. In my college years, my roommate Lucy would come over to my room and on the weekends we would hit the beach and troll for guys. It was fun time that all of us enjoyed when we were young and single. Plus I enjoyed seeing Lucy and being on the sand. Lucy and I did not always go for guys. Sometimes we went to just drink, get tan and swim around a bit. Either way, her and I had a lot of fun. After our beach day, Lucy and I would go to this one bar and drink some booze to celebrate the end of our sun filled day. Lucy and I now are not in the same college. But we visit the same beach each weekend without fail. Last weekend, Lucy and I were ready to go see the waves, sand and surf on the beach. t was hot outside, plus the sand was just starting to look white.My friend Lucy looked at me plus asked if we really wanted to commit to such a hot beach day. She said that we could just stay in plus rent a movie. It was hot outside, plus staying  back at our beach house seemed as if it was a good idea. Her and I turned on the a/c, plus popped a bag of popcorn. Lucy and I ordered pizza from our number one italian restaurant. The air conditioner was blowing, plus the environment felt certainly cold plus relaxing. When the a/c started to simmer down, my friend Lucy added more alcohol to my drink. Lucy and I watched a rental on comcast, plus enjoyed sitting in the house on such a hot day.

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