Designing my home the way I want

After we bought our dream house, my wife and I wanted to make a few changes in its designs.  We knew that now was the perfect time to make any changes, before we were actually moved in. I wanted to put up a shed so I had someplace for storage space, and so I could work on my special projects.  She wanted a ‘sunroom’ built onto the second floor. I was a bit confused by the word sunroom, and I asked the contractors how he would go about creating the space. Since she wanted the room to do her yoga, I knew that she needed ventilation, but with all of those windows, I couldn’t put in ductwork for the central air conditioning.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to put in a mini-split system either. I talked to the contractor, and he told me that the room be almost all windows. He was going to design the room with windows that opened at the top and the bottom. I was a bit skeptical about this. He said that with the windows opened at both top and bottom, the hot air would rise and be pushed out the window.  The cooler air would fall to the ground and since it is heavier, it would be coming in the bottom opening and forcing the heat up and out. Because of this design, it will reasonable cool for her, and it will be quiet which means she will have the calm atmosphere she seeks. I hope he uses this kind of ingenuity when he builds my shed.