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I’m an old school sort of girl. I love anything and everything vintage. My house was built back in the early 1900’s, and I love it so much. I prefer to decorate in a very vintage style. My husband and I drive a 1955 car, and own three other older cars that we drive for car shows each year. We collect and sell antique furniture, games, and signs. We recently opened up an antique store in our small, country town. Just about anything that we can find made before the 50’s we buy it. One of the only things that I like about our modern world is the technology it has given us. Both my husband and I have smartphones which keep us up to date on the world’s issues. We also have computers for our business. The one modern convenience that we don’t have, but I really wish we did have, is electricity throughout the entire house. Because we have no electricity downstairs, we have no AC either. This makes the summer months dreadful. I love going to town to buy groceries because I know that the store will be cool and air conditioned. The same goes for my husband. We find ourselves taking more trips to town during July and August than during any other time of the year simply because it’s so hot at our house. We have been trying to find an AC/heater that runs solely on gas, but we haven’t had any luck yet. I hope to find something when we go to visit my parents next week. They live in a larger city than we do, and it has more places to shop than our small town does. I love living the way we do, but I hope we can find an air conditioner soon so that we can better enjoy our time at home.

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