Getting ready for guests

Growing up in the midwest, can be just as harsh as what it portrays in the old western movies.  It can be really hot, dusty and windy. It can be hot and no air movement. You have excellent farmlands as long as you have irrigation, but there is little shade so you are always out in the blazing sun, doing the farmwork.  You also have to keep an eye on the sky at all times, because tornadoes pop up quicker than you can spit. I loved working with my grandpa on his ranch, when I was kid. He always kept us busy, but when we came in at the end of the day, grandma had cakes or pies and fresh lemonade, waiting for us.  They had this cool old stove that sat in the living room. It heated the entire house, and there weren’t any air vents in the floor or the ceiling. The stairway was open, and the heat would just right up the steps and the bedrooms were really warm. When it came to air conditioning, they had no need for it.  They had never had air conditioning, so they didn’t miss it. I remember after I graduated, how I had my first real job. The first thing I did was to buy grandma an air conditioner for her birthday. I remembered her wiping the sweat off her face, with her apron. She loved the feel of the air conditioner after I had it in the window and working.  Grandpa grumbled, but I noticed that he headed right for the couch that was beneath the air conditioning, whenever he took his afternoon nap.