How do I get this A/C going?

I spent nearly fifteen years working in different offices doing middle management work. It was a long and tedious climb to make it to that level and I was not sure I had the inclination or ability to get much further. It was just such a backstabbing environment and nobody seemed particularly happy with their jobs. Finally, after debating it over and getting up the nerve, I got myself laid off from work and enrolled in trade school to be an HVAC technician. I was lucky to have a boss who was understanding and generous enough to lay me off so I could collect unemployment. I picked HVAC because I had an uncle who used to do that work and would take me along with him on service calls when I was a child. Watching him work on furnaces and air conditioners always fascinated me, and perhaps this was the route I should have chosen from a younger age. However, then I wouldn’t know how much I hated being in middle management, so perhaps things need to happen at certain times in your life. I went to trade school and spent the next 18 months learning the ins and outs of the HVAC industry. I learned about residential furnaces and large commercial ones. I learned how to put an air conditioner together from scratch and how to install ducts. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I graduated at the top of my class. There were also local HVAC companies on hand to help guide us as well, and I was offered a job with a top company in the area at my graduation ceremony.

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