How gorgeous

I love living here in the midwest, but it is not an easy way to live.  The winters can be harsh and the summer’s are hot and brutal. You need to keep a constant watch on the sky for tornadoes, and you can see the storms coming from miles away.  I used to spend all of my weekend at the farm where my dad grew up. He tells us stories of how grandpa had them outside working from morning until sundown. The farm is what supported them, and he said it made him a man.  When I was old enough to do the farmwork, I used to go to grandpa’s and I would work right alongside him. I remember going in for lunch and grandma would have gallon jugs of homemade root beer, and it was always cold from sitting in the root cellar.  She would be baking bread, and trying to wipe the sweat off her face, with the hem of her apron. I used to feel bad for her, because it would have been nice to have air conditioning in the old farmhouse. Dad put air conditioning in our home as soon as we moved in, and it was always cool and refreshing.  When I got a bit older, I bought a window air conditioner to help make Grandma’s job easier. I know she loved the AC, because I could see her smile, when she felt the cool air coming into the kitchen. Grandpa may have complained a bit, but I saw the look in his eye when he realized I put it right above the couch that he napped on every day.  He seemed to want to take his nap much earlier than normal, the day the AC was installed.

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