I am cooling off quite easily

I made an offer for a whole house a few weeks back and the seller’s agreed! So, now for the first time ever I am under a bill of sale for a new home. The realtor that I am working with told me that I should get a home inspection, which does include an HVAC inspection. HVAC is 1 of the most costly items in the home, so it makes good sense to make sure the ac equipment, heating technology, and air ducts are in working order before you commit to buying a home. Devin and I just got the results today, and needless to say, I am absolutely at a loss for words! The write-up from the inspector says that the a/c is not good at cooling, the AC is leaking water from the air handler into the living room. The machine is also considered “ineffective” and “damaged.” The outdoor unit of the a/c is running real good. The owner of the home says that the air cooling machine was just looked after and that the freon levels has been recently substituted; but, the AC is absolutely old. It might have a crack or leak in it though and I am concerned that the owner isn’t being totally truthful with me. I know I need to find out whether or not the damage is significant enough to get a repair done on it. The one thing that I don’t want to do is get a home and then have to immediately substitute the total air conditioning unit.

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