I am not sure what to do

My daughter recently rented a cabin for their summer vacation.  After she paid the non-refundable down payment, they told her that she had to bring her own linens.   There was nothing in the cabin that would add to their comfort. She asked about the air conditioning that was advertised, and they said there was a portable air conditioner for the cabin, but she had to pay an extra fifty dollars for the week if she wanted to use the air conditioner.  I had to laugh when she was telling me her story, and she told me to stop laughing, because she wasn’t done yet. She was now paying extra for the AC, but where they are going, it is common for the temps to get down into the forties at night. She asked about the heating that was in the cabin, and they said it was a wood stove.  Now she knew what to do with wood stoves, and she could easily get some heat out of it. The wood stove they were talking about, was the wood stove that was there for cooking, and if you needed heating, you could use it for heating also. Now I was all out laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh, because I really thought that she hadn’t read the ad right.  She showed me the ad and sure enough it stated that there was air conditioning on premise and heating available. In fine print, it said that the air conditioning was extra, and the heating was the wood stove. I needed a magnifying glass to read it.

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