I am okay with the temperature control

So I was sitting at work pretending to work when all of a sudden my co-workers starts screaming “fire”. I look and the space heater we use to heat the office was smoking and flames could just be seen coming out of the front. Another coworker goes to throw water on it but I stop him because the heater is still plugged in and working! Instead, I yank the cord from the wall and drag the heater out into the parking lot. It is then that a manager runs out and sprays it with a fire extinguisher. Someone called the fire department too and they showed up only minutes later. The entire office is evacuated while they determine if there is any fire in the wall. There isn’t but the air is also not safe to breathe so we can’t go back into the building for some time. After a bit of debating, the managers decide to send us all home early. The next day, we all came back. The smoke has cleared but the whole office still stinks from yesterday’s burning heater. Furthermore, a company wide email went out saying we could not use space heaters in the workplace anymore. But it is freezing in here now. There is no HVAC system for the office, just a few window air conditioners and we used to use the space heaters. Everyone is bundled us as best they can but this can’t be legal can it? I mean, the company has to provide heat I would think. Or, at the very least, let us bring in our own heaters.

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