I am researching the options

I am all about technology. I have an awesome set up in my basement where I keep all my electronics. It’s sort of like a workshop. My wife and I have been talking for a few years about remodeling the house. We’re getting to the point now where we are in a position to actually do it. I figure it is a great opportunity to upgrade the house in more technologically advanced ways. I really want to make it a smart house. I’ve done some research on the subject and found all kinds of awesome technology. I’m really excited about a smart thermostat. The new HVAC systems have so many features that are all controlled from a tablet, and it can be linked with the home’s main hub. Right now our current heating and cooling system doesn’t have a dehumidifier, and that is something that I personally really want. Electronic equipment doesn’t do very well in humidity, which is one reason my workshop is in the basement. It tends to be a bit drier down there than the rest of the house. In the summer, the humidity in our area skyrockets. I want a way to protect my electronics, and when I came across the dehumidifier systems that come with many of the newer HVAC systems, I felt like I had found the perfect solution. Now all we need to do is decide which heating and cooling system works for us and have an HVAC company install it for us. I have a recommendation from our neighbor that I’m going to look into, but I’d like to get a few different quotes from several HVAC companies in the area before I decide on one.

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