I can tell this is average

I made a deal for a home a few weeks back plus the seller said yes! So, now for the 1st time ever I am under bill for a condo buy. The realtor that I am working with recommended that I get a condo look over, including an Heating & A/C check up. Heating & A/C is one of the most lavish appliance in the home, so it makes sense to make sure the cooling, heating system, plus ventilation are in good order before you commit to purchasing a home. We just go the results now, plus needless to state, I am legitimately not sure! The write-up from the inspector says that the cooling is working, but leaking water from the air handler in the upstairs. The machine is also considered “gross” plus “damaged.” The outdoor component of the cooling is running well. The owner of the home says that the A/C device was just on its last legs. Also, the refrigerant has been recently replaced; but, the machine is super old. It might have a break in it though plus I am worried that the owner isn’t being totally real with me. I assume I need to find out whether or not the damage is significant enough. The final thing that I want is to buy a house plus then have to immediately replace the entire cooling device in it. I am thinking about checking out other HVAC dealers. I want to see if they tell me the same thing about my a/c unit.

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