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My gas furnace was barely a few years old, when it needed to be torn out and substituted with a newer model. It was possibly me and my husband’s fault for not taking good care of it.  Although the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C representative had advised that I start a maintenance plan however, we thought it was a waste of our hard earned money. I was always sure to trade out our existing air filter every other month and I hoped it would be enough to at least make the heating component run well. Regrettably for me, a large quantity of dust, pollen and contaminants succeeded in getting into the interior cabinet and lying on the inner parts of the machine. This accumulation tightened airflow, causing us much longer running times, and some unnecessary stress on the component. I noticed that our electric costs were higher than usual, and our home was a bit chillier than me and my husband liked, but we had done nothing about it. Eventually, the worn out gas furnace failed in the middle of February, during a ice storm! The degrees outside was down to frigid temps, and we were dealing with brutal wind chill and tons of snow. I couldn’t disregard the gas furnace any longer, and not soon after I called for professional mending. I expected the repair to be covered under our company’s warranty. Because we had failed to keep up with regular upkeep, the warranty was useless. The gas furnace had began to overheat which produced a hairline crack in the unit’s heat exchanger. The HVAC business informed me and my husband that the price of replacing the heating exchanger is exceedingly more than the listed price of a whole modern gas furnace. I wasn’t ecstatic about the situation, but we had to buy a modern gas furnace. In the long run I suppose we learned our lesson, and now have enrolled in a maintenance agreement with the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealer.  

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