I can’t believe how bad it stinks

It makes little sense to expect a neglectful person to do something, simply because that person is qualified to do it. I learnt that the hard way last winter. I have always felt responsible for my youngest sibling and even when the rest of the family gave up on him, I never did. George has never been the progressive type.So when I paid for him to do some HVAC courses and he actually graduated, we were all ecstatic.

              George finally found himself a job as an HVAC technician, and rented himself an apartment on my  street. It was great to have so close. He had most of his meals at my house and was, at first, very good on servicing my HVAC equipment. My brother was not the most enthusiastic service man at the HVAC dealership where he worked but he managed to get by and keep his job. Just to be on the safe side, I would remind him in Spring to check my AC, and each Autumn to tune up my furnace in readiness for Winter. Usually, he got that done after several reminders.. That is until last Winter.

             Imagine my shock when my furnace broke down in the middle of one cold winter night. I immediately called up George and asked him if he had done the servicing to my furnace, as he said he would. Sheepishly he admitted that he had forgotten about it. Forgotten! By the time he came by the day after, we had had the furnace repaired by another HVAC professional.

            So I gave George the bill for the job and told him to pay it.

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