I can’t fit the air conditioner

I drive a small volkswagon bug that is dazzling yellow. I love my little bug but help it can never haul anything. I can basically fit a cracker on the inside it then it is full on the brim. My brother lent me his portable Air conditioner for the Summer and now I must give it back. The problem is twofold. One, I don’t think the Ac unit can fit in my very little car, two, the air conditioner is super dirty and disgusting that i don’t want it in my own car. I have tried cleaning the air conditioner to help make it more presentable, but a vents have dust literally caked upon. The outside of it is normally all rusty and brown looking. I tried bleaching it, but that just did actually make it worse. I also febreezed the daylights from it due to the old toes smell the AC system were included with. It is still gross though that I would need to wrap it like a mummy merely let it in my auto. I am trying to get my brother to return over to take it out of me. But I just can’t get him here and I’d prefer the AC out now. May possibly looked into the space with regard to my bug. I think I would fit the cooling system easily put down all my seats and empty out the footwells. In that case maybe the air conditioner should fit in. For a portable A/C system, isn’t that handy to transport. I wish for this one moment My partner and i need a bigger car.

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