I can’t really stand this

I don’t really know what it was about it for me, but I couldn’t wait to get to bed when I was kid. I loved having good dreams at night, and I believe that a big part of what caused that was my good air conditioning system unit in my window. My parents installed that in my room one day, and I genuinely loved it ever since. It seemed to give me sweeter dreams, and I was always so comfortable in bed. The air quality in my room was also much better with my air conditioner running most of the time. If anything, I easily spent too much time in my room because of that machine. I loved just having the air conditioning system blasting away, so I kept the temperature control on a low setting. It genuinely helped me drift off to sleep at night too, and I would usually turn it off during the day since it would get a little too cold in my room. Still, it was regularly worth the excellent night of sleep I got from running the A/C! I regularly felt well rested when I woke up, and I performed well in school for that reason. A good night’s sleep is key to success, right? Well, I remember how worried I was one day when my unit finally broke down. I wasn’t going to sleep well that night, that’s for sure. I had that air conditioning system for such a long while, but I knew it died because I used it too often. I was legitimately grateful when my parents picked up a new air conditioning unit a week or so after mine broke down. It was a more energy efficient model too, which I believe my parents wanted since they knew how much I was using the A/C system in my room.

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