I can’t stop perspiring

I live in the southeastern part of the country, however my job requires me to travel. I’m in an airplane 9 months out of the year and am on land for the majority of the major holidays. After working with my job for three years, one Christmas, my mother suggested that I purchase my own home. Initially, I was moving from hotel to apartment to crashing at friends and family members houses when I was in town for my short period of time. At first I was hesitant but I decided that it would be nice to have my own residence where I could rest my head and keep my belongings as opposed to moving them around and keeping them in storage. I found a brand new upgraded house that could be considered a “smart house”. Not only does it have heated floors, self sufficient trash disposal, but I can alter my healing and cooling system from my smartphone and PC. Air conditioner manufacturers have developed a way to control your heating and cooling while I’m not even in the country. Instead of having to worry about monthly high energy bills, I can keep the air conditioner and heating off while I’m away. When I know I will be town, I don’t have to rush to my house to wait for the room to either cool down or heat up. All I have to do is turn hit a button while I’m on the airplane to heat or cool down whatever room and I like. Then I walk into my home and can rest before I have to take the next trip.

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