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During the years that the two of us have certainly worked for the same company, we have never seen any type of real maintenance performed on the furnace and cooling component. Several of my fellow employees and I have been developing some allergies lately, and there have certainly been some questions about the air ducting system and ductwork that is inside of our older building. When my doctor said that my work environment was certainly leading to poor health, the leader of the place had no choice but to have someone come in and perform testing on the furnace and cooling component. The furnace and cooling component repair agent checked through all of the ductwork and measure the indoor air quality levels. Several of my friends and a few of my co-workers we’re certainly anxious to find out the results. If the two of us had been inaccurate about the indoor air quality levels, there was a chance that we could certainly be fired over all of this nuisance. Luckily, or maybe perhaps unluckily, the furnace and cooling component provider found several areas that needed attention inside of the walls. The issues were coming from the interior ductwork. The office building had been nearly 50 years old, and it certainly seemed as though service had not been performed on the ductwork in several years. My co-workers and I were happy to see the changes in our furnace and cooling component, and no one ever certainly said anything to us in the future. They just fixed the problem and went about their day and business.

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