I don’t even have an air conditioner

Last summer we went down south for vacation. We stayed in a very quaint little southern beachside town in a bed and breakfast. The place was absolutely beautiful. It was a large two-story Victorian style house with a huge wrap-around porch. I loved the way the place looked with the rockers on the porch and all of the ivy and moss draped from the shade trees on the property. I could’ve moved in and stayed there forever, had it not been for one very important thing that was missing: the air conditioning. You would think that if you lived in the southern part of the country where there are high temperatures for most of the year, you would install air conditioning. Unfortunately, the owners of this beautiful bed and breakfast were sticklers for authenticity. The wanted everything in their house to be just like it was when the house was first built, and that included the lack of an HVAC system. They didn’t even have an oil furnace or gas furnace to use during the winter months. They depended solely on the woodburning stoves that were in the kitchen and living room of the house. I asked them how in the world they could stand living without an air conditioning system when it was so hot there, and all they said was that if their ancestors could do it, then so could they. All I know is that if I owned a place as beautiful as that, the first thing I would do is make it more hospitable by putting in some central air conditioning.

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