I don’t know what I can do with the bathroom pipes

My Uncle Fred lives out in the northwestern part of the nation. Uncle Fred has been working for a particular plumbing supplier for most of his life, as well as he swears that he’s seen it all pretty much. My preferred story of his about his plumbing adventures just happens to also be the most horrifying. Uncle Fred told myself and others that he went out to a dwelling once with the plumbing repair supplier that he formerly worked for. He said that the homeowners were having some serious issues with the shower in their master bathroom! At first, Uncle Fred believed that this was just a normal clogging issue, but after actually working at the blocked pipe for quite a few hours, he still had no luck getting the clog taken care of. He observed that there seemed to be a sizeable leak spreading through the drywall on the other side of the shower stall so he cut out a small section of the drywall to observe what was going on behind it. Uncle Fred said that there was a pretty large crack in the shower pipe as well as stuck in the crack was a pretty large snake! Uncle Fred said that he jumped back at least a foot as well as hollered something like a little boy when he seen that snake in the pipe. And then, to make the situation much worse, a whole bunch of baby snakes came through the pipe after the big one did! Uncle Fred said that he’s never moved so rapidly in his life. He left all his plumbing tools inside the bathroom, slammed the door shut, as well as jumped into his plumbing repair van. He told the homeowners to contact him later, once they’d contacted wildlife control first!