I enjoyed the new technology

I’m not sure what people cannot comprehend about the phrase “I’m poor,” but they seem not to think I mean what I say. When I say that I don’t have money, that means I don’t have funds to go out to eat, and I won’t be going on that vacation trip with my group of friends. I also don’t have the excess income required to buy myself a yearly spa membership. I thought those things were obvious, but here every we are.

              My therapist recently suggested that I always go to a spa to steam the toxins out of my body… Obviously, this seemed like a strange suggestion when all I do is talk about my financial problems with her! That’s why I’m making my own sauna at home to steam! The process was simple enough, since I have a small lavatory that always becomes extra humid. It really doesn’t matter if it’s freezing outside or blazing hot. No matter what, the lavatory is about 70 degrees plus muggy as a plumber’s crack. I have difficulty even feeling the AC when I’m in this lavatory, so I knew that it wouldn’t be hard to crank up the air temperature plus level of airborne moisture for my own purposes.

             Initially, I closed of the AC vent plus air return fully, so the room wouldn’t have any ventilation. I went out plus bought myself a little humidifier, which I placed in the lavatory to add more humidity to the air. I also bought a small space heater, which I run for about two hours before I begin to steam. That way, the room is plenty sizzling plus humid by the time I set foot inside of it. I must say, I feel lighter plus less toxic already.

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