I guess I will wait a month

I take karate lessons several days a week. For the entire lesson I just pray that I will not have to ground fight. The lesson incorporates kicks, hand strikes, self defense and cardio, also, the martial arts professor teaches us ground fighting. I take our class with several really handsome guys. I prefer using the holding pads and kicking with them. I prefer wrapping my arms around them in a fake choke, rolling around on the floor is too much contact. The reason is because of how much I sweat. The lesson is high intensity, and the martial arts professor does not have air conditioning in the school, since I work out strictly with AC, my body is not used to this.   With no cooling, I just sweat buckets. Usually it’s not a big deal though. I wear all dark clothes, coat myself in body spray and I do my hair real cute. If the two of us get down on the ground, it is obvious how gross I fell. I am hoping to at least get a date with one of them. Who wants to date the girl with crotch and horrible boob sweat? There is no way for me to sweat less. The martial arts professor has mentioned getting A/C before. I hope every month that has had it installed, or at least that the two of us have mastered the ground fighting style. No such luck with either of these though. At least once a month I have to get one of the handsome guys between my sweat dripping legs, and their face in my sweaty boobs. It is real wet, smelly and awkward for all of us.

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