I had some very big plans

When I went into the navy, I didn’t have much in the way of skills. I couldn’t guess what job would suit me best, so I left that decision up to my recruiter. I spent three years learning how to work on refrigeration and heating units. By the time I finished with my training, I was able to fix a gas furnace, an air conditioner, and other HVAC equipment. I was stationed close to home, which was wonderful. I got to see my family frequently. Eventually, I met a charming boy and decided to settle down and get married. However, shortly after our honeymoon, I was sent to a new duty station. My husband was unquestionably upset because he could not go with me. I was going to be traveling 6,000 miles away from home to work on the air conditioners for our southern bases. The air conditioners had been experiencing trouble for days, and required a crew of heating, ventilation, as well as A/C mechanics to determine and solve the issue. I was only registered to stay at the base for five months, while the people I was with and I work on the air conditioning issue. Since the stay was short and the weather extremely hot, my husband decided to stay home. So as soon as the people I was with and I fixed the air conditioners, I was looking forward to coming back home. Unfortunately, I’m at the command of our military, and now so is my husband. Five months turned into three long years of hot weather and thunderstorms. By the time I came back home, my husband and I hadn’t seen each other in months.

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