I hope everyone knows they are welcome

I own a small cleaning service in town and I have to say, in the Spring, I really hate my job. We are so busy with calls for deep cleaning that I can hardly catch my breath. I have one client in particular that I dread servicing each year.  She is just not a naturally tidy person, and I know her house will be a tough one to clean. I think she appreciates a clean house, she simply seems incapable of maintaining one. Every once in a great while she will go on a cleaning spree, but I don’t think that she enjoys vacuuming, dusting, and general house work. Since she can afford it, she pays my company to come in and do these tasks a couple of times a year. This time of year is tough because my employees don’t’ want to be trapped inside cleaning up months worth of dirt.  Nothing is more frustrating than getting a few afternoons of great weather, and then locking yourself in the house to clean. The only thing that helps them tackle the mental distress of cleaning this clients house is the fact that she has a whole-house fan. This is a specialized ventilation system at her house that actually helps them manage the indoor air conditions. It’s called a whole-house fan, and it works amazingly well to draw a huge amounts of outdoor air to the inside of the house in the blink of an eye. The unit kicks into gear, sucks in a ton of air, and passes it through the attic. This pulls in the natural air outdoors and flushes the old, stale air out of the house through the roof. It’s not a perfect system, but at least the house fan improves the air quality in an efficient manner and doesn’t cost as much as a traditional HVAC system.