I hope the furnace works better

When I was in school, I worked as a repairman at a local hotel. It was an ideal opportunity for me to make some extra money while I was enrolled in school.   I learned a lot about home repairs & regular upkeep while employed there. The problem I dealt with most often was air conditioning malfunctions. Each room at the hotel was equipped with its own cooling system, so there was continually an air conditioning system in need of some repair or maintenance. If I wasn’t cleaning an air filter, I was dealing with a clogged air vent. If I wasn’t fixing a condensate leak, someone’s thermostat wasn’t cooperating.   Taking care of the air conditioning systems on the property took up the majority of my time. I would often get aggravated with the constant stream of air conditioning system breakdowns, but I’m happy that I learned so much. I now know how to properly take care of A/C units. Now that I own my own house, I am aware of exactly what goes into keeping my own air conditioning system running at its best. I never need to hire a professional to provide maintenance or repair.  I’ve definitely saved myself quite a bit of money over the years. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever need the help of an HVAC contractor until it’s time to replace my heating or cooling unit altogether. When I took the job at the hotel I didn’t realize all that I would learn. I just hoped for keep some spending money. I ended up with knowledge that has served me well in my everyday life.