I love cake

It was my wife’s birthday and I wanted to take her someplace special.  There is a small restaurant in town that specializes in chocolate. Actually, chocolate is their specialty and there isn’t a dish on their menu that does not include chocolate.  I figured since chocolate cake was her favorite, where better to go for her birthday than to a restaurant whose specialty is chocolate cake. Theirs had to be amazing. She looked amazing to say the least, and I was so proud to be with her.  When we got there, however, she wished she hadn’t worn the strapless dress. The air conditioning was set so low, that I could see the goose bumps on her skin. I was going to take my jacket off and put it around her, but she said no. We sat down at the bar to wait for our table, and I asked about the air conditioning.  The waiter explained that the chocolate requires the colder temperatures in order to stay solid. That make sense, but I had a jacket on and I could feel the cold. I thought they should be able to turn the air conditioner up a little to make sure their clients were comfortable. I started to say that when he put two martinis in front of us.  He told us they were on the house. I wasn’t a fan of martinis, but these chocolate martinis were to die for. After the third martini, we didn’t mind the air conditioning and we were ready to eat our meal and sample that chocolate cake..

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