I prefer ventilation

I was sitting down in work the other day, trying to concentrate on some paperwork that I was trying to finish when I heard some loud exclamations from the other side of the office.  I looked out and there was one of my coworkers and he was yelling Fire. He was pointing to a space heater that he had by his desk and smoke was coming out of it. It was then that I realized he was about to douse it with the cup of coffee that he held in his hand.  I ran forward and I took the coffee off him and I pointed to space heater and told him that it was still plugged in. He could have electrocuted himself if he had throw water on the electric space heater. There were now some flames coming out of the space heater and our office manager came around the corner with a fire extinguisher.  The fire extinguisher was filled with some kind of powdery substance that instantly smothered the fire, but put all kinds of smoke and dust into the air. A couple of people couldn’t breathe and they ran to the windows and opened them up, hoping to get some kind of ventilation. I watched several people as they were heading out the doors, and that was when the office manager told everyone to go home.  Thanks to the good ventilation in the office building, we could return to work the next day, but the smell of the smoke still lingered in the air. Space heaters are now banished from the building.