I tend to over schedule

My partner and I had been together for almost ten years when we bought our home.  He wanted to have a sunroom added to the upstairs before we moved in. We talked about having it added right off the bedroom, and then he could get up in the morning and go right out and do his yoga.  I just wanted to have a work shed in the backyard. I wanted it big enough to store all of my yard tools, and to have the space to work on different project that I liked to do. I liked my woodworking, and I wouldn’t have to worry about having the mess in the yard or in the house.  We hired a contractor to look at the house, and he had some plans for the sunroom. I was worried about how much heat it would add to the bedroom, because the sun room was nothing but windows. He told me that he already planned on putting double windows in the sunroom. They would open from the top and the bottom, and the exchange of the air coming in the bottom and being pushed out the top, would give the ventilation that was needed for the room.  He suggested that we could get a portable air conditioner for the room. We would need a bottom window opened about half an inch. There was an exhaust tube that would be inserted in the window, and the air conditioner would take up very little space. Now I’m waiting for his plans for my workshop and the HVAC in there.

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