I want to eat some cake

A few weeks ago was my anniversary with my partner. I took her to this place that I knew she had never been to, and that I really wanted her to try. The restaurant was centered around dessert, specifically chocolate. They had the best chocolate martinis, chocolate covered strawberries, cakes, custards, pies. You name it, they got it! She dressed up in the dress she had bought herself for her birthday a few months before. It was a special night. That is, until we actually entered the restaurant. Immediately we were blasted with A/C. It wasn’t even very hot outside and the A/C in there seemed to be cranked. The ducts above our heads blew that cold air around us throughout the meal. My poor partner was turning blue by the end. The main topic of conversation was of course about how cold it was in there! We even asked our server if she was able to turn the A/C down a little bit so that we weren’t so cold. She informed us that the reason the A/C was on so high was because the chocolate does better when the temperature is cooler and there is low humidity. We understood that. I didn’t remember it being that cold the only other time I went to that restaurant, however. Our server basically told us there wasn’t anything she could do about the temperature, but she did bring us a free round of drinks to help warm us up. That was thoughtful. To be honest, though, I think my partner and I both would have preferred it if she could have turned the A/C to a more reasonable temperature.