I will tend to the issues

You know, some things never cease to amaze me.   Being a homeowner comes with all kind of surprises, especially if you own an older home that has had several previous owners throughout the years! That’s the case with our house; It’s the oldest home in our entire city.  My husband and I have found all kinds of things in this house that you wouldn’t believe. Behind out our electrical wiring panel, we found an old military shoe. It dated back to 1942! We also found antique soda bottles buried in the ground beneath our deck. If you don’t know what an antique Pepsi bottle looks like, you are very missing out! The most recent thing was just crazy and dangerous. So we started having some complications with our heating and cooling system in our house. The heat would never run when it was supposed to and the cooling system wouldn’t cool correctly, either. It was very absurd and was driving us crazy.  We didn’t have the money to call a professional Heating and A/C specialist to come out and evaluate it for us, and we figured that our cooling system and our furnace was halfway completed like the rest of the house. WIthout fail, when we went down to the basement to inspect the Heating and A/C unit, everything was done in a shoddy and unprofessional manner. We’d never inspected the heating and cooling system unit very carefully, because we’d never had a problem with it before. After both of us started examining it, we were astonished that we’d lived in the home without it burning down! The way they had the cooling system component wired and taped all over the unit was such a fire hazard. So we had to absorb the cost and call the local Heating and A/C company to come out and take a look. He did some repairs and got everything up to code on the cooling system unit.

A/C unit