I work hard every day

For our anniversary, my husband and I made a reservation at this charming B&B that we saw in a magazine.  It looked like something from Gone With The Wind. There was a wrap around porch that was shaded with huge trees that had moss and ivy hanging from its branches.  It was right near the beach and there was a gorgeous view of the ocean. I couldn’t believe that in two weeks time, we would be staying in that old plantation style home and enjoying our second honeymoon.  We had planned on staying for a full weekend, but we quickly changed our minds when we got there. The house was everything we had thought it was when we drove up to the front door. It was when we got inside, that we soon changed our minds.  It was so hot inside the house, that I felt like someone had slammed me in the stomach with a hammer. There was no air conditioning. I mean, the house had no air conditioning inside. I couldn’t believe that wasn’t mentioned in the ad for the B&B.  I asked why the air conditioning wasn’t on, and she said that they didn’t have any air conditioning in the house. They wanted it to be an authentic experience and they didn’t have air conditioning when the house was built. We only stayed for the night, because they refused to refund our deposit.  I’m not even sure how we survived the evening without any air conditioning, but we quickly packed up and went to a hotel, as soon as the sun came up.

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