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I had just finished a major project in my place of work the other day, and I was getting ready to get a cup of coffee and relax.  I heard a screech and someone was yelling the word fire. I often hear joking going on, but this sounded like the real thing, so I went in search of the problem.  A coworker was pointing at the space heater by his desk and there was a lot of smoke and it was beginning to flame up. I almost died when I realized he was going to pour water onto the flame, especially since the space heater was still plugged in.  I could just see him writhing on the floor as he was being electrocuted. I screamed stop and he stared at me, dropping the bottle of water onto the floor before it was opened. The manager came around the corner, carrying a small fire extinguisher. Till he had dumped all of the contents on the space heater, there was a white film of dust on everyone and everything within a ten foot radius.  There was the smell of smoke in the air, and several of my coworkers had already walked out of the building. The manager took in the entire scenario and told everyone to go home for the day. The mess was cleaned up the next day, and the ventilation system had taken care of the smoke. There was also a memo telling everyone that space heaters were off limits in the work area, and there were to be no types of supplemental heating brought into the office..

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