I’m hearing people complaining

I remember a few weekends ago, my girlfriend and I went to go see a new movie that just came out. That theatre sure was packed. I can never get over the prices they charge for snacks and popcorn! It seems completely absurd to pay the same as I would pay for a delicious steak dinner for some popcorn and snacks. Well, they certainly get away with it because I bought plenty of popcorn and snacks for my girlfriend and I. While we were watching the movie, all was going well and it was a great movie! Unfortunately, they experienced some sort of malfunction with the A/C system in the theatre. It started to get really hot as we were in the summer season. It must have been 95 degrees outside. The theatre was definitely cool when we walked in, but in the middle of that movie it was blazing hot and humid inside! I couldn’t stand it anymore because it was ruining the movie for us. We made complaints and got our money back. They also offered us free tickets to our next movie. I was still mad about the A/C system breakdown spoiling the movie; I didn’t even get to watch the whole thing! I got over it though and was at least happy about the free tickets. We went back the following weekend to the same theatre. I thought it was smart for them to provide us free tickets, because they knew we would be coming back. With us coming back… we bought more snacks and popcorn for a ridiculous price again! That’s how they get you… Well the A/C was sure fixed in the place and I was really happy with the air quality. I was satisfied with the whole experience even though I had to watch the movie all over again.

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