I’m making sure my home is cool

I should know better not to store anything remotely valuable in my basement. I know my area gets a lot of water throughout the year; In the Summer and Spring there is a ton of rain. It falls all day long sometimes. The wind usually also accompanies that surge of water. In Fall and Winter there is always snow. The snow falls in feet and tends to melt frequently. So all of us who live in this area have tons of melted snow around. The water frequently leaks into my basement. I can get anywhere from an inch to feet of water in my basement. I thought I had the problem fixed because I had sealed my basement so that it would be protected from the water. I stored my treadmill and leftover electronics like the portable A/C units in there. The window A/C units fit in each room of my house. I had multiple air conditioners stored in the basement. I put them down there to protect them. Well, this Summer I went down in the basement to get out the cooling devices. I instantly saw that there was several feet of water in the basement that I had not been aware of. I still don’t know how long the water was in there, but the water was stationary long enough to injure everything. The treadmill is all rusted. The A/C units also are totally fried. The water ruined the air conditioner’s on and off switch, plus they are all rusted and covered in mold from the water. I had to pump out the water in my basement plus purchase all new A/C units.

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