I’m not scared, should I be?

My preferred meal is the well cooked steak that I get at a local eating establishment. It’s regularly seasoned and cooked to perfection, and their sides are amazing! I try not to always go there because it’s pretty expensive, so I limit my usual visits to 1 per month. yesterday when I went, I was pretty disappointed at that time with my whole experience. After I was seated in the dining area I began to actually notice that it was warmer than it usually was. When I mentioned the uncomfortable temperature to the waiter, she told myself and others that the A/C system had been acting up and that they were waiting on the dedicated Heating, Ventilation and A/C serviceman to come out for the repair. I entirely wished outright that I had known that before going because I certainly could have put my visit off a couple of days. Still, I decided to stay there since I had already been assigned a waiter and seated. While waiting on my order, I noticed that many other people were also bothered by the lack of a cooling system. Whenever my steak finally came out, it was evident that the chef wasn’t on the top of her A game that night either. It was overdone, and it didn’t taste nearly as good as it normally did. It seems that A/C issues can readily impact not only how comfortable the shoppers are at a fancy eating establishment, but the performance of the staff members there as well. I do entirely hope that they got that issue taken care of because I left disappointed that night. I’d like to go back in a few weeks or so, and I’m hoping that the experience is much better when I do.

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