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My husband is a pediatric heart surgeon, however I consider him a real life superhero, since he spends his afternoons (and mornings) saving the lives of children! I can’t even tell you how very proud I am of him. The other awesome thing about my husband is how not only is he incredibly brilliant plus a great doctor, however he also enjoys to be Mr. fix-It around our dwelling… Most men that I happen to know who are highly intellectual, ie: all of our husband’s doctor friends, don’t even know how to prepare a piece of toast, if you can see what I mean! My husband enjoys to take on plenty of DIY challenges at our dwelling, however. This is a great thing, considering that we have a 3 year old who absolutely enjoys flushing things down the toilet! Yesterday, my husband spent 2 whole hours in our master bathroom with a plunger because our 3 year old kid put the end of a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet plus flushed. Pretty much the entire roll of toilet paper went down into the plumbing because the paper never broke loose! It just kept going plus going down those pipes! By the time we actually noticed it, the toilet was basically blocked up plus we thought that we were going to have to get a hold of a plumber. My husband wanted to try plus maintenance it before we reached out to our local plumbing business, though! He ran for the plunger plus got to work in the bathroom asap. He ended up having to take the entire toilet in the master bathroom off in order to get the pipes unclogged, but he finally did it! My husband is absolutely a man of a ton of various talents – heart surgeon by day, plumbing rockstar by night!

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