I’m very interested

My husband and I had recently bought a new home.  We took this time before moving as an opportunity to be able to add any other additions that we wanted in the home.  My wife really wanted to have a sunroom, so she could do her yoga. She knew wanted everything, but the attaching wall, to be solid glass.  She had it planned that it would be right off our bedroom. I just wanted to have a man shed in the back of the house. I could have all of my tools in there, and a place for storage.  I also wanted it big enough to be able to get out of the house and relax for a couple of hours and do my own projects. I was talking to the project manager for the construction and I asked him about ventilation for the sunroom.  He was telling me that they normally installed windows that had openings at the top and the bottom. You opened both end at the same time. The cool air would come in through the bottom of the window, and the warm air would be forced out the top part of the window.  This seemed like an amazing idea. I was still worried about it being so hot in the summer, because of the sun streaming in the windows, and he said they make portable air conditions that are perfect for that situation. Now I am anxious to see what kind of ductless HVAC system he can come up with for my garage.

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