Investigating our situation

One thing my husband and I like to do is to try new restaurants. Every week we make it a game between us to find something different. Having been to every restaurant in our town, we decided to make our way across the river. My husband is a recent vegan, so he has a plant-based diet now. I was a bit leery of this at first because I thought it might limit our dining options. As it turns out, the town across the river has several options. A lot of hipsters live on that side of the river, and they like to eat plant-based food.  One of my husband’s coworkers told him about a vegan restaurant there so last Tuesday we decided to try it out. It was his turn to pick, so I had little option. When we got there, the place looked a bit sketchy and it smelled awful. I guess the ventilation hadn’t been working, because the whole place reeked of mushrooms and tofu. We sat down at the table and waited for our server. The smell of the bean sprouts from the table next to us was overwhelming. Overhead was exposed air conditioner ducting. A lot of modern restaurants have exposed HVAC ducting, and it looks good if done correctly and kept clean. This one was so dirty you could see dust particles that had formed above our heads. We were so disgusted that we just left without ordering anything.

A/C unit