Leave it all to me!

The two of us easily ran into issues last weekend, when our air conditioning component didn’t easily cool the cottage very well. My boyfriend decided to contact the air conditioner plus heater repair service, plus entirely made an afternoon meeting. The afternoon temperatures were severe, plus the two of us easily became uncomfortable without the air conditioner to Aid in comforting the house. The two of us easily listen to several of our children complain about the air conditioner, even though there wasn’t a single thing we could do to remedy the situation. After a few minutes, the two of us decided to start giving the kids a lecture on The Perils of having no air conditioning. The Two of Us in tirely remember being their age, plus not even realizing that air conditioning was an actual thing. At that time, there was no Internet or texting or Facebook or FaceTime, plus the two of us easily had to rely on other ways to entertain ourselves. As far as the air conditioner was concerned, the two of us easily stuck a bowl full of ice cubes in front of our box fan. It wasn’t the best type of air conditioning, but in the middle of the night it certainly helped us sleep better. Our kids didn’t believe any of the stories we told them, so they must be terribly spoiled by all of the amenities that my boyfriend. Perhaps they should feel what it’s like to go without the air conditioner for several days. I think they would go mad, and start complaining quickly.

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