Morning weather

I grew up in the midwest where the summer could be suffocatingly hot.  We owned a farm and we worked outside in the heat all summer long. We always had our eyes to the skies, because we were also in tornado land.  Life on the farm was a bit simpler than living in the city, but it was also really hard. My grandfather still had his position as head of the house, so the home was still as he wanted it.  We had an old furnace that heated the entire house. It was gravity fed, and there were no air vents. The furnace sat in the kitchen, and the heat just wafted through the home, but no one had any reason to complain about it being too cold.  The furnace kept the house quite comfortable, all winter long. In the summer, we suffered inside. The windows were opened to let in some breeze, but it just seemed to blow the heat around. It wasn’t until I got older, that I decided to defy Grandpa, and I bought a window air conditioner for the house.  He grumbled because he thought the air conditioning wasn’t a necessity. He said it was a waste of money. My grandmother was pleased and she smiled as I put the air conditioner into place. Although he continued to grumble, my grandfather would come in from the fields, and he ate his lunch then took a nap.  He was now taking his naps on the couch that was directly under the air conditioning.

air conditioning